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Conference Program

The international conference "The Architecture of well tempered environment- An orchestra of integrated instruments", that was held in Rome last May 19 and 20 was attended by about 40 Italian and foreign speakers and had an audience of over 400 regularly registered persons (engineers, architects, experts of the energy sector, municipal, provincial and regional government bodies, students, etc.). The majority of them, almost 250, were surprisingly young people (students, university researchers and young architects) and this was a great success. Probably, the changes, which recently have hit Italy, arrived in the world of architects too and finally they start to rethink the way to design architecture and the city.

For two days the Eurosolar Italia Association, in collaboration with UIA / ARES (Union Internationale des Architectes / Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources) and the Chamber of Architects of Rome and Province, have sought to stimulate and analyze the basic parameters of this change. The welcome addresses by the civil authorities saw the participation of the Lazio Region Vice President MP Luciano Ciocchetti,  the Councillor to the Territory of the Province of Rome Michele Civita and the European Union MEP Silvia Costa. The conference was opened by the President of the Chamber of Architects of Rome and Province Amedeo Schiattarella, by the President of the Council for the Sustainable Design and Energy Efficiency and Member of the Board of the Architects of Rome, Patrizia Colletta, by Eurosolar Vice-President Josep Puig, by the Eurosolar Italia President Francesca Sartogo, by Albert Dubler for the UIA, by Nikos Fintikakis for the UIA / ARES and by Antonio Raffaele Riverso for the UIA Italian section.

During the morning of the first day some fundamental issues on general policy and overall strategy were discussed with three key lectures: prof. Serge Latouche introduced the problem of the limits of the development and proposed a strategy of "decrease growth" or otherwise of a "controlled growth"; prof. Christos Zerefos deeply analyzed the process of climate change in relation with the well-tempered environment and sustainability and Peter Droege, President of the Eurosolar and Professor of Sustainable Spatial Development at the University of Liechtenstein, introduced an advanced vision, already realized in some parts of the world, regarding the realization of a new energetic independent model based on renewable resources and the abandonment of fossil fuels.

Serge Latouche: Biography, Abstract, Conf_Presentation, Discorso, Discours
Christo Zerefos:
Biography, Abstract, Conf_Presentation

Peter Droege: Biography, Abstract, Conf_Presentation

In the afternoon, "a panel discussion" coordinated by prof. Federico Butera together with Nikos Fintikakis, Francesca Sartogo and Patrizia Colletta urged the participation of some experts and of the public in the definition of the new paradigm for construction, for our cities and for our territory: critical points, treatments and possible scenarios.

Nikos  Fintikakis: Biography, Conf_Presentation

Patrizia Colletta: Biography, Abstract, Discorso

Francesca Sartogo: Biography, Abstract, Conf_Presentation

Federico Butera: Biography, Abstract, Conf_Presentation

The second day were addressed issues on the integrated planning and realizations.

Mario Cucinella Biography, Abstract, Presentation

Thomas Auer Biography, Masdar_City, Presentation       

The strategy for "energy conservation", "passive solar house" and the "well tempered environment" in the key lecture of Prof. Mattheos Santamouris.

Mattheos Santamouris: Biography, Abstract, Presentation
Casi studio-
The zero emissions building:  Mont-Cenis Academy, Herne Sodingen, Germania (Premio Solare Europeo 1999) and PC4 Halle Pajol, Parigi
Project Architect: Françoise Hélène Jourda Biography
Structures: Jean Marc Weill, Strutture
Biography Eric Hutter, Energy Tecnologies, Biography

Presentation: Part_1, Part_2

“The Sustainable City: Urban Energy Planning and Zero - Emission City”:         Maria Berrini- Paolo Rutelli

Maria Berrini: Biography, Presentation

Paolo Rotelli: Biography
European Green Capital - CITY OF STOCKHOLM Sweden - “The Hammarby Sjostad eco-district and the renewal of the new Royal Sea Port” Royal Seaport, Hammarby Sjostad, Sustainable Järva

Gustav Landahl: Biography, Presentation; Ingela Lindth: Biography, Presentation;  Maria Lundgren : Biography, Presentation

At the end of the Conference, as a result of shared proposals, was drafted the "Manifesto Finale", based on 10 fundamental actions for the future of the Architecture for the well tempered environment".


To furthermore confirm the strategies and actions proposed in the " Final Manifesto", some design excellencies were presented during the award ceremony of the European and National Solar Prize (years 2008/2009/2010), celebrated by Eurosolar President Peter Droege, Legambiente President Vittorio Cogliati Dezza and Eurosolar Italia President Francesca Sartogo.



Special Solar Prize: to  HERMANN SCHEER, President Emeritus

Peter Droege, Federico Butera

Year 2009

Gruppo Loccioni AEA s.r.l.: “Leaf  Life Energy and Future” For the creation of an efficient laboratory, place of exchange between universities institutions, research entities, construction firms, industrial companies and communities, for the energy saving and the integration of renewable energy in line with comfort, innovation and sustainability.


Hans Glauber, Okoinstitut Sudtirol/ Alto Adige: in memory of Hans Glauber. For his pioneer scientific and cultural activity as an important national and European referring hub for the Ecological and Sustainable Future.

Year 2010

Nichi Vendola:  Solar strategies for the Puglia Region”. For the implementation of political and administrative energetic and environmental strategies of a new model for the government of the regional territory.

BCC Maremma:  "Clean energy for everyone". For his contribution to the built up of an economic and financial project to support every democratic citizen to promote decentralized and distributed renewable.

La Fabbrica del Sole, Arezzo: “PV / hydrogen Central”. For the realization of a first example of photovoltaic/ hydrogen energy supply chain and an hydrogen pipeline to supply jewelry companies and a residential neighborhood.

Mario Butera e Marco Agrò Architetture sostenibili s.r.l. Palermo: Building redevelopment in Budapest”. For the realization, through the Italian-Hungarian cooperation of a 100% solar redevelopment model as an instrument for information and communication. Presentation     

Sd Arch Trivelli associati Milano + EPTA srl. Alessandro Trivelli: “Low energy consumption building”. For the design and realization of advanced energy and environmental technologies in residential construction. Presentation

Chiara Cristiani: Photovoltaic bell tower“. For the incisive communication message obtained through the integration of solar technologies into an element of high architectural and religious value. Presentation

Year 2008/2010         <

Conference Program
Conference Program

100% rinnovabili ora! - Francesca Sartogo
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