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“ Centrale a biomassa e teleriscaldamento per i Comuni di Dobbiaco e S. Candido ”

Per la esperienza significativa condotta nel settore della produzione di energia da biomassa e nella realizzazione di teleriscaldamento attraverso un percorso di partecipazione e azionariato sociale in un prospettiva di vera autonomia e sostenibilità

FTI- Social and Local Cooperative
Partners: n° 555
(Dobbiaco 326, San Candido 229)
Final customer: 1000

Thermic energy
Energy produced : 54.000.000 Kwh
Energy sold: 45.000.000 Kwh

Contestual Area

42% of South Tyrol is covered with forest. The forest is an habitat and affords protection, it is a place of peace, of wilderness, but also an important economic factor. It is the source of a clean, sustainable energy- the indigenous raw material wood.

Solar reserves
After the sun, wood is the oldest source of energy known to mankind. Unlike fossil raw materials such as coal and crude oil, wood is Co2- neutral and renewable

Biomass- when the chips are down
The annual growth of timber in South Tyrol is approx, 815.000 solid meters,of which only half is used. That’s why it makes sense to use wood to generate heat as this help us manage our forests and removing old trees serves the purpose of mankind and forest. Wood is the raw material of the future!

South Tyrol utilises its wood resources
The forest has always played an important role in South Tyrol. In the last decade for energy production, too. Since 1994, thirty-two district heating plants running on biomass have been built in South Tyrol. With others in planning. The Pustertal valley resort is blazing the trail, with 12 communities already using district heating. One of the biggest heating plant was extended in 1998, and Innichen has now also linked up to the distant heating grid.

The Toblach- Innichen district heating plant generates heat using wood chips. The Orc module- the first in South Tyrol and the biggest in Europe- generates electrical energy. The combustion of biomass in the boiler generates heat that heats up the thermal oil. This energy drives a turbine and a generator creates electricity. Thanks to a combination of electric filter and flue gas emissions are kept to an absolute minimum. The cooling process in the whole electricity generation process creates hot water that can be supplied as distant heating to the two Dobbiaco and S. Candido Municipalities.

From wood chips to thermal and electrical energy
See it, hear it, feel it, understand it….
The visitor’s display in the new building of the Toblach- Innichen district heating plant offers visitors an insight into the process of generating electrical and thermal energy using biomass

Building year: 1995
Hot water heater I / II : 2x 4.000 KW
Hot water heater III: 10.000 KW
District heating network:
Lenght: 87.000 mt
Energy Recover
Compression plant 2x4 MW : 800 KW
Compression plant 10 MW : 1.500 KW
Accumulatore di calore: 180 mc
Connection Capability: 19.065 KW ( Dobbiaco)
17.390 Kw ( San Candido)
Contractual capability : 28.713 KW

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