Edizione Internazionale 2007

Studio Memar arch. Masud Esmaillou

Villaggio ecologico a Preganziol

Per l’impegno svolto nella promozione di una cultura nell’edilizia sociale sostenibile attraverso programmi e progetti  nazionali ed europei mirati alla “Qualità &Sostenibilità” in cui la qualità energetica è al centro delle problematica ambientale.

The project achieves to demonstrate the possibility to build places where predominant is the correct and sustainable relationship between man and context and etween constructed context and the natural one.
In the Ecological Village we put attention on the topics of local architecture and our project agrees to genius loci.
At the same time we took care of changes in contemporary way of living, finding in these analyses the input in order o catch up the maximum comfort with the minimal impact. From that we obtained an organic-shape project, inserted n the context.
The project consists in 6 blocks for a total amount of 67 flats. We employed and combined technical and compositive solutions, such as:
- wide terraces at the south, sunny in winter and well protected during the summer;
- strong slopes of roofs that catch more solar radiations in winter and less in summer;
- high chimneys, to underline the value of typical rural local architecture, are employed to evacuate smokes and for the natural cooling.
Blocks are interrupted from a cut whose direction is in the opposite of prevailing wind direction. It is a pedestrian ath at the groundfloor and a vehicle path underground. The whole underground floor, where garages and technical ooms are place, is completely independent from residential buildings to avoid noises and vibrations. The squares at
the groundfloor are collective spaces and are useful to create microclimate and improve natural ventilation.
The project aim is to achieve clear energetic and nature-friendly results:
- a meaningful energetic saving at the time of realization;
- recovery and re-use of meteoric waters;
- wastewater treatments;
- more comfort inside apartments thanks to the prevailing use of natural materials instead of chemical;
- psycho-physical well-being in flats thanks to low temperature radiating systems;
- a remarkable energetic saving adopting renewable source such as solar panels and geothermal system.

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